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Warehouses and manufacturing areas Varna - Devnya - Russe

About us


Dinipo is a private company established in 1992. It is a well known company in the field of developing and management of manufacturing areas and warehouses, logistic, consultancy, securitization and development of manufacturing processes part of the circular economy -  environmentally friendly production, etc. We have well developed and innovative warehouses and manufacturing areas on the territory in Varna, Devnyia and Russe. The main activity of the company is dedicated to circular economy and due to this mission we have established "DEVNYA INDUSTRIAL PARK". It is the first 100% private park in our country with the main objective to support and to help the development of the Circular Economy. We aim to facilitate legal entities and private partners todevelop their business projects through purchasing, renting or other form of mutual business cooperation. We offer industrial estates from 1000 up to 20-30 000 sq. meters, where our customers can develop their business plans in order to maximize their profit value.


Production warehouses Devnya
Total area: 100 000 sq.m.
Built-up area: 16 000 sq.m.
Available areas: 84 000 sq.m.

Devnya Logistics Center - Gubenamahala neighborhood

Production warehouses VARNA
Total area: 15 000 sq.m.
Built-up area: 9 000 sq.m.

Areas for green investment - 8000 sq.m with an option up to 18 000 sq.m.

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9027 Varna, Bulgaria
Mladezhka str.142, bl.55A, fl.3, ap.9

tel./fax : +35952 500389


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